BGR Reviews 10 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

• Bureau of Governmental Research

BGR analyzes 10 State constitutional amendments on the ballot for November 2, 2010. The amendments concern a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Salary increases for elected officials
  • Allocation of State of Louisiana severance taxes
  • Property tax exemption for disabled veterans
  • Limiting tax increases for non-elected taxing authorities
  • Extending the period following a disaster for retaining a homestead exemption and a property assessment freeze
  • Changing requirements for legislative approval of benefit changes for public pensions
  • Changing the basis for bidding down penalty rates at tax sales
  • Removing restrictions on the resale of property expropriated to address blight
  • Adding a layer of review in workers’ compensation appeals
  • Restricting defendants’ ability to waive their right to a jury trial
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