BGR Reviews Assessor Consolidation, Other Amendments

• Bureau of Governmental Research


This On the Ballot report analyzes proposed constitutional amendments of particular significance to the New Orleans region. This issue covers amendments before voters on November 7, 2006.

This report focuses on five amendments that address issues relevant to the New Orleans area. These amendments deal with property taxes, the juvenile court system, and assessors. Amendment 1 would freeze the assessed value of homes owned by the permanently and totally disabled or by certain members of the military. Amendment 4 would remove the authority of municipalities to levy a property tax on motor vehicles. Amendment 5 would exempt consigned art from ad valorem taxes. Amendment 6 would give the Louisiana State Legislature authority to establish judgeships for new juvenile and family divisions within existing judicial districts. Amendment 7 would decrease the number of assessors in New Orleans to one, as in other parishes of Louisiana.

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