Inform Your Vote in the Nov. 16 Election with BGR’s Reports

November 15, 2019

Citizens in New Orleans who plan to vote in Saturday’s election can inform their decisions with BGR’s report, On the Ballot: New Orleans Bond and Tax Propositions, November 16, 2019. The report examines three separate propositions that would authorize the City of New Orleans (City) to:

  • Issue up to $500 million in bonds for capital improvements.
  • Levy a new 3-mill property tax that would yield $12 million annually for maintenance of City infrastructure, facilities and equipment.
  • Levy a new occupancy tax on short-term rentals that would yield several million dollars annually to fund infrastructure of the City and the Sewerage and Water Board and promote tourism.

Read the full report or a summary of the propositions and BGR’s positions.

This report is the latest in BGR’s On the Ballot series, which provides voters with objective, nonpartisan analysis of significant ballot propositions in the New Orleans metropolitan area. In producing On the Ballot reports, BGR recommends positions consistent with its mission of promoting informed public policy and the effective use of public resources for the improvement of local government. On the Ballot reports bring to light the strengths and weaknesses of ballot propositions and assess the potential for government expenditures or actions to efficiently achieve beneficial outcomes for citizens.