BGR Analyzes Local Propositions, Constitutional Amendments

• Bureau of Governmental Research


BGR provides analysis of local propositions as well as amendments to the state constitution appearing on the ballot for November 4, 2008. A proposition in New Orleans would amend the city charter to make comprehensive changes to planning and land use decision making in the city. A proposition in Jefferson Parish would expand the permissible uses of an existing sales tax to include drainage improvements. The state constitutional amendments take on a variety of issues:

  • Imposing term limits on members of certain state boards and commissions
  • Increasing the notice period for extraordinary sessions of the Legislature
  • Providing temporary replacements for legislators called to active military duty
  • Dedicating a greater amount of severance tax revenues to the parishes that generate them and
    creating a special fund for the Atchafalaya Basin region.
  • Allowing a property owner to transfer a tax assessment freeze to a new property under certain conditions
  • Exempting blighted property from certain restrictions on expropriation
  • Allowing the state and local governments to invest funds for certain post-employment benefits in equities.
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