BGR Examines December 5 New Orleans Property Tax Propositions

• Bureau of Governmental Research


On the Ballot: New Orleans Property Tax Propositions, December 5, 2020 analyzes three propositions to replace several City of New Orleans property taxes that expire at the end of 2021. The replacement taxes would have the same combined rate of 5.82 mills as the existing taxes. However, the propositions would change the tax dedications. They would increase funding for infrastructure (including streets, drainage and City buildings), housing and economic development, while decreasing funding for public libraries. They would also add early childhood education as a new permissible use for some of the libraries’ tax revenue. The replacement taxes would take effect at the beginning of 2021 and run for 20 years until 2040.

BGR’s report analyzes the tax propositions based on a series of questions that address the efficient and effective use of public resources. BGR provides voters with multiple ways to access this On the Ballot report and understand its findings and position against all three propositions:

  • Click the buttons above to access the two-page InBrief summary, media release, the main On the Ballot report, and the Expanded Report. Citizens and policymakers who want a more in-depth understanding of the ballot propositions can read the Expanded Report, which incorporates the main report plus additional detail and footnotes.

This report is the latest in BGR’s On the Ballot series, which provides voters with objective, nonpartisan analysis of significant ballot propositions in the New Orleans metropolitan area. In producing On the Ballot reports, BGR recommends positions consistent with its mission of promoting informed public policy and the effective use of public resources for the improvement of local government. On the Ballot reports bring to light the strengths and weaknesses of ballot propositions and assess the potential for government expenditures or actions to efficiently achieve beneficial outcomes for citizens.

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