BGR Tackles 18 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

• Bureau of Governmental Research


This report provides a synopsis and short analysis of all 18 proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution on the October 3, 1998, election ballot. The topics include assessment freezes for senior citizens and properties undergoing restoration, as well as parish severance tax allocations and remediation of blighted property:

  1. Establishes community college system
  2. Increases parish severance tax allocation
  3. Grants Legislature oversight of Charity Hospitals
  4. Establishes crime victims’ rights in Constitution
  5. Modifies “Rainy Day” Fund and uses of nonrecurring money
  6. Broadens basis to deny bail in criminal cases
  7. Establishes State Infrastructure Bank
  8. Freezes property tax assessment for seniors
  9. Places prohibition against a convicted felon holding elective or appointed office for 15 years unless pardoned
  10. Prohibits State Courts from levying state or local taxes
  11. Declares Louisiana a sovereign state
  12. Establishes more public notice for millage roll-up
  13. Establishes more public notice for millage roll-up money to deal with imminent floods
  14. Changes jury requirements and allows combining certain crimes together in one trial
  15. Allows local governments to forgive back taxes on blighted property if approved renovations take place
  16. Extends property tax assessment freeze for an additional five years for renovated residential property in a downtown district
  17. Allows property in New Orleans to be sold at tax sale for less than minimum bid
  18. Allows the Town of Vidalia to exempt most property owners from municipal property tax
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