2019 Jefferson Parish Council Candidate Q&A

• Bureau of Governmental Research


Questions for a New Parish Council is the second in a two-part 2019 Candidate Q&A Election Series providing the views of candidates for Jefferson Parish government on important public policy issues, such as tax dedications and contracting.

Questions for a New Parish Council provides voters with the candidates’ answers to 16 questions developed from BGR’s body of research. They address a broad range of topics, including: managing the Parish’s General Fund budget amid extensive tax dedications; investing in essential infrastructure; improving Parish contracting; sustaining East Jefferson General Hospital; and ensuring ethical government. BGR also explores the candidates’ views on topics that affect citizens’ daily lives, including public transit, economic development and the quality of life in the parish. Questions for a New Parish Council also asked the candidates to propose specific ideas for how they would make Parish government work better for the citizens it serves.

BGR is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse any candidates for public office. The purpose of this report series is to help voters make informed decisions in the October 12 elections in Jefferson Parish and provide a basis for them to hold elected officials accountable for campaign positions.

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