PolicyWatch: New Orleans Budget and Tax Updates

May 21, 2020

Welcome to the inaugural edition of PolicyWatch, a periodic newsletter that draws on BGR’s body of independent, nonpartisan research to address current public policy issues. This edition focuses on the City of New Orleans’ finances as it faces a pandemic-induced budget deficit. It discusses the City’s proposal to borrow up to $100 million as well as other options to address the deficit by cutting costs. It is critical that the City’s fiscal decisions in the coming weeks and months work toward the long-term sustainability of City operations and functions, especially those addressing high-priority needs.

In this edition:

Offsetting the City Budget Deficit

BGR urges the City of New Orleans to plan its post-pandemic fiscal recovery carefully and exhaust other options before borrowing up to $100 million to help offset its deficit.

City Council Reviews Revenue

Prior to the public health crisis, a New Orleans City Council committee follows through on BGR’s call to study tax dedications and issues revenue-generating recommendations.

Lost Penny Restored

New Orleans infrastructure will see a long-term funding increase from last year’s action by the State Legislature to restore a long-suspended 1% hotel tax as BGR recommended.

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