10 Louisiana parishes with the highest property tax rates – 3 are in metro New Orleans

By Robert Rhoden

Source: NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

June 7, 2018

Update: A clarification was added to this story to indicate that municipal taxes were not factored in the Louisiana Tax Commission’s rankings.

Three parishes in metro New Orleans were in the Top 10 with the highest property tax rates among Louisiana’s 64 parishes, according to the Louisiana Tax Commission’s annual report for 2017.

Orleans Parish topped the list with a millage rate of 154.1, with St. Tammany the next highest in the metro area at 146.8 mills, followed by St. Bernard at 143.2, the report shows.

Keep in mind that the tax commission’s list does not include additional property taxes collected in municipalities. So while New Orleans tops these rankings, residents of other cities actually pay more in property taxes. Research in 2014 from the Bureau of Governmental Research showed Shreveport pays the most in property taxes, followed by Mandeville and then the Orleans East Bank.

Scroll down for snapshots of the top 10 parishes with the highest millages, including how much the owner of a home valued at $200,000 paid in taxes last year in each of those parishes.

St. Tammany Parish Assessor Louis Fitzmorris’ office uses the information to create a graphic showing the parishes with the highest rates, which he includes when giving presentations to citizen groups and other organizations about St. Tammany’s taxes, who pays what and where the money goes.

Anti-tax sentiment in St. Tammany and other area communities has been running high for some time, with a number of property tax renewals being denied by voters in recent years.

See below the Top 10 parishes by millage rate, Fitzmorris’ graphic and millage rates in the remaining metro New Orleans parishes.

10 – Caddo Parish

Population: 248,851 (2016)

Millage: 135.4

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,693

9 – Caldwell Parish

Population: 10,087 (2016)

Millage: 138.4

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,730

8 – St. Helena Parish

Population: 10,363 (2016)

Millage: 143

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,788

7 – St. Bernard Parish

Population: 46,202 (2017)

Millage: 143.2

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,790

6 – St. Tammany Parish

Population: 256,327 (2017)

Millage: 146.8

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,835

5 – Cameron Parish

Population:  6,912 (2017)

Millage: 148.3

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,854

4 – Grant Parish

Population: 22,336 (2017)

Millage: 153

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,913

3 – Allen Parish

Population: 25,621 (2017)

Millage: 153.6

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,920

2 – LaSalle Parish

Population: 14,933 (2017)

Millage: 154

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,925

1 – Orleans Parish

Population: 393,292 (2017)

Millage: 154.1

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,926

Other New Orleans-area parishes:

St. John the Baptist Parish

Population: 43,441 (2017)

Millage: 124.7

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,559

St. Charles Parish

Population: 52,749 (2017)

Millage: 117.4

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,468

Jefferson Parish

Population: 439,036 (2017)

Millage: 103.3

Tax on a $200,000 home: $1,291

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