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BGR’s library of reports covers 1996 to the present. Use the search bar to find a specific report, select a topic from the menu, or show all reports by title or date. You can also click here for a full index.

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BGR Webinar: Designing City Governments for Success


This page provides a brief online report and the video recording of BGR’s May 24, 2023 webinar, “Designing City Governments for Success.”

Strengthening New Orleans’ Use of Its General Fund Balance


Today, BGR sent a letter to the mayor and the New Orleans City Council urging greater planning and public reporting for the City of New Orleans’ use of its primary financial reserve.

The City Council’s budget committee is

Waterworks in Progress: Reassessing S&WB Governance and Reform Options



This report connects the flawed governance structure of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (S&WB) to key problems affecting the city’s water, sewer and drainage systems and examines potential paths to long-term improvement.

Improving Jefferson Parish Council’s Fiscal Planning and Accountability


In this letter to the Jefferson Parish Council, BGR recommends ways in which the council can improve planning and public reporting for one-time spending made possible by the receipt of federal pandemic relief funds through the American Rescue…

BGR Reviews Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Tax Proposal


This On the Ballot report studies the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s proposed property tax increase that New Orleans voters will decide on April 29, 2023.

Tracking New Orleans’ Use of Federal Pandemic Relief Funds


In this report, BGR explores how the City of New Orleans has deployed pandemic relief funds it received through the federal American Rescue Plan Act, and what impacts this unprecedented one-time money had on City finances and budget…