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Read our recent annual reports for an overview of our work and its impact:
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BGR’s work to achieve results is an extension of our reports – a necessary post-publication implementation phase. Once a report is complete, BGR disseminates it through multiple channels, including our website, our email list and social media. We present information from each report in multiple forms, including a summary called InBrief. We educate members of the media on our findings. We participate in radio, television and newspaper interviews.

As illustrated below, BGR pursues implementation of our recommendations in several steps. As a private nonprofit that works independently from government, BGR builds on the public visibility of our reports to engage citizens, organizations and policymakers in the implementation effort.

BGR Measurement Model

Based on our most recent assessment, BGR recommendations have been implemented to some degree in 13 out of 16 major research areas during the past decade, with significant or full implementation in most cases. We are proud of the history of results, especially for the broader impacts that may result. Examples include:

  • Reforms to professional services contracting practices in New Orleans
  • Restoration of a 1% hotel tax expected to yield $12 million a year for New Orleans infrastructure
  • Improvements to land-use decision making in New Orleans
  • Research leading to the consolidation of the seven Orleans Parish assessors into a single office
  • Research identifying $39 million of deferred revenue, which the Orleans Parish school system subsequently distributed to schools
  • Potential savings of more than $1 million annually for the City of New Orleans from discovering a misinterpreted pension benefit formula

BGR has won 11 national awards for its policy achievements from the Governmental Research Association.


BGR’s ability to sustain high-quality research and work toward implementation depends on our members’ support. Learn more about membership in BGR.