BGR Evaluates School Facilities Tax Renewal and Charter Amendments

• Bureau of Governmental Research


These On the Ballot reports inform New Orleans voters about three propositions on the October 14, 2023 ballot: the renewal of a property tax for public school facilities and charter amendments on code enforcement and the City budget process.

  • The Orleans Parish School Board is seeking to renew a property tax of up to 4.97 mills for an additional 20 years to support the preservation, improvement and capital repair of school facilities owned by the school district it governs, NOLA Public Schools. Read this report.
  • The New Orleans City Council has proposed an amendment to the City of New Orleans charter to reorganize code enforcement functions into a stand-alone department to combat blighted property more effectively. Read this report.
  • The City Council has also proposed amending the City charter to extend its minimum time to review the mayor’s proposed operating and capital budgets from one month to two months. Read this report.

BGR is in favor of all three propositions. Click the buttons above, or the links in the bullet points, to read the full reports and understand our analysis and positions in support.

Voters who need a quick overview can click the INBRIEF button above, or this link, to download a single document that compiles our “InBrief” summaries of each report and position statements. Also available is a slide presentation summarizing all three reports:

BGR summary presentation of October 14 2023 ballot items in New Orleans

To broaden voter access to this information, BGR has translated our InBrief summaries into Spanish and Vietnamese. Click below to download in:

Header for Spanish translation documents

Header for Vietnamese translation documentsInBrief summary in Vietnamese

These reports are part of BGR’s On the Ballot series, which provides voters with independent, nonpartisan analysis of significant ballot propositions in the New Orleans metropolitan area. In producing these reports, BGR recommends positions consistent with its mission of promoting informed public policy making and the effective use of public resources to improve local government. On the Ballot reports highlight the strengths and weaknesses of ballot propositions and assess the potential for government expenditures or actions to efficiently achieve beneficial outcomes for citizens.