S&WB Governance Reform: The Next Steps Forward

Overview In this release, BGR discusses possible amendments to the evolving Sewerage & Water Board reform legislation and recommends improvements.

S&WB Reforms: Creating a Strong Nomination Process

Overview In this release, BGR discusses possible amendments to pending Sewerage & Water Board reform legislation, and makes recommendations to protect the nominating process.

On the Mayor’s Proposed S&WB Governance Reforms


Overview In this release, BGR looks at Mayor Landrieu’s proposed Sewerage & Water Board governance reforms, with specific attention to the board member nomination process.

BGR Analyzes Proposed S&WB Rate Increases

Overview BGR reviews a proposal by the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans (S&WB) to raise water and sewer rates 10% a year for the next eight years. It examines the proposed water and sewer rate increases and...

S&WB Rate Increases and Reform, Hand in Hand


Overview In this release, BGR calls on the S&WB to limit rate increases temporarily to those that are necessary to meet its obligations under the federal consent decree that governs the sewer system. It states that additional increases should...

The S&WB Infrastructure Bonanza: Is Good Governance Part of the Deal?


Overview This edition of Now addresses the proposed funding increases for the Sewerage & Water Board in the context of necessary governance reforms.

S&WB’s Governance Problems and Reform Options


Overview In Making the Waterworks Work: Fixing the Sewerage & Water Board’s Governance Problems, BGR examines how the agency’s governance has contributed to its problems, presents options for reforms and makes recommendations for change.

BGR Reviews State and Local Ballot Propositions

Overview BGR analyzes two Orleans Parish propositions and two State constitutional amendments on the ballot for October 2, 2010. The two Orleans Parish propositions would amend the Home Rule Charter of the City of New Orleans to reconfigure the governance...

Addressing Core Infrastructure Needs in New Orleans

Overview In The Price of Civilization: Addressing Infrastructure Needs in New Orleans, BGR provides information on New Orleans’ core infrastructure needs and assesses the community’s capacity to fund those needs.

Questions for a New Mayor: New Orleans 2010 Election

Overview With the primary on the way, BGR submitted questions to all mayoral candidates on topics in four areas: the city’s budget, city services, infrastructure and blight. Four candidates – Rob Couhig, John Georges, Mitch Landrieu and James Perry...