BGR Studies New Orleans Bond and Tax Propositions for November 16

Overview On the Ballot: New Orleans Bond and Tax Propositions, November 16, 2019 analyzes three separate propositions that would authorize the City of New Orleans (City) to: Issue up to $500 million in bonds for capital improvements. Levy a...

BGR Reviews Charter Amendment on S&WB Governance

OVERVIEW This On the Ballot report informs voters on a proposed City of New Orleans charter amendment to change the composition of the Sewerage & Water Board’s board of directors. On December 8, 2018, New Orleans voters will consider...

From Answers to Action: Post-Election Policy Making

OVERVIEW This report is the latest installment in BGR’s Candidate Q&A Election Series. The new report consolidates and reissues the responses of the newly elected City of New Orleans mayor and councilmembers who completed BGR’s surveys last fall on...

City Council Members Should Regulate, Not Govern, the S&WB

OVERVIEW BGR’s release addresses a bill that would, among other things, allow a member of the New Orleans City Council to sit on the Sewerage & Water Board. BGR opposes the change in board composition for the S&WB and...

2017 Candidate Q&A Election Series: New Orleans

Overview For the October 14, 2017 primary elections in New Orleans, BGR provided voters with its 2017 Candidate Q&A Election Series. BGR submitted questions to all mayoral and City Council candidates on public safety, infrastructure and other important public policy...

Do Stormwater Fees Make Sense for New Orleans?

Overview In Beneath the Surface: A Primer on Stormwater Fees in New Orleans, BGR explores a funding mechanism for drainage that is expanding in usage nationwide as an alternative to ad valorem property taxes.

On the Ballot: New Orleans Fire and Drainage Taxes

Overview BGR reviews two property tax propositions on the ballot in New Orleans on December 10, 2016: a tax increase for fire protection services and a tax renewal for the Sewerage & Water Board’s drainage system.

The S&WB: Looking for a Few Good Members


Overview In this release, BGR encourages qualified citizens to volunteer to serve on the newly constituted Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans.

BGR Reviews S&WB Reform, Jefferson Tax Renewals

Overview In On the Ballot: October 19, 2013, BGR explains, analyzes and takes positions on three tax propositions on the ballot in Jefferson Parish and two proposed charter amendments in New Orleans, one of which would reform the Sewerage...

S&WB Should Delay Search for a New Leader


Overview In this release, BGR urges the Sewerage & Water Board to delay initiating the search for a new executive director until after voters decide on governance reforms.