BGR Offers Spanish and Vietnamese Translations of S&WB Report Summaries

July 25, 2023

New Orleans residents concerned about the future of the Sewerage and Water Board, but whose primary language is Spanish or Vietnamese, can now access translated summaries of the Bureau of Governmental Research’s new report on this topic.

BGR’s goal is to reach a broader audience of residents concerned about significant problems with the governance of the S&WB that affect the performance of New Orleans’ water, sewer and drainage systems. BGR analyzed these issues in its May 2023 report, Waterworks in Progress: Reassessing the Sewerage & Water Board’s Governance Problems and Potential Paths to Long-Term Improvement.

The translated summaries highlight BGR’s key findings and recommendations from its research report. The InBrief in Spanish and Vietnamese is a condensed version of the full report, giving readers the gist of the S&WB’s governance problems and the two potential paths BGR identifies for long term-improvement, either strengthening S&WB as a stand-alone utility or replacing the S&WB with a municipal utility created by the City of New Orleans. The executive summary in Spanish and Vietnamese provides more explanation and context for BGR’s research findings and recommendations.  

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