Jefferson Parish Ballot Items for Schools, Recreation, Drainage

Overview BGR analyzes three tax propositions to go before voters in Jefferson Parish on March 31, 2007. The propositions would renew property taxes levied parishwide or in large portions of the parish that provide funding for the public schools,...

BGR and PAR Issue Report on Municipal Bankruptcy

Overview BGR and the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, Inc. (PAR) have issued a joint report calling for a full appraisal of financial options for local governments in fiscal crisis, including municipal bankruptcy.

BGR Reviews Jefferson Parish Schools’ Tax Renewal

Overview BGR analyzes a property tax renewal for the Jefferson Parish Public School System, considering the taxpayers’ investment and its importance to the school system.

State, Local Issues on the October 4, 2003 Ballot

Overview Among the propositions on the ballot for October 4, 2003, are three constitutional amendments relating to coastal restoration, and another providing for the possible state takeover of failing public schools, many of which are in New Orleans. BGR...

BGR Outlook on Jefferson School Performance, Finances

Overview This edition of BGR’s Outlook series discusses the financial challenges facing the Jefferson Parish Public School System and the current academic performance of its schools.

BGR Views the Jefferson Parish School Board Budget

Overview This issue of Outlook updates the fiscal status of the Jefferson Parish Public Schools with a focus on the revised FY1999 and the adopted FY2000 operating budgets.

The Orleans Parish School Board’s Y2K Project


Overview BGR provides an overview and status report on the Orleans Parish School Board’s new management information system and the computer networking project to bring the Internet and other educational resources to the classroom.

BGR Outlook on the Orleans Parish School Board

Overview This is the first report in BGR’s Outlook series on the Orleans Parish School Board. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the Board’s fiscal outlook with a focus on the FY 1999 (July...

BGR Reviews Proposal for Property Service Charge

Overview This report reviews the City of New Orleans’ property service charge proposal on the ballot for December 5, 1998. The primary intended uses of the new revenues include pay raises for most City employees and for all Orleans Parish...

BGR Analyzes State and Local Ballot Items

Overview This report provides a short analysis of the potential creation of three separate neighborhood-based special tax districts in New Orleans and a recommendation on two proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution relative to the governance of higher education....