A Message about Our Year-End Leadership Transition and the Search for BGR’s Next President & CEO

October 6, 2021

Dear BGR Members and Supporters,

Last week, I informed the BGR Board of Directors that I intend to step down from my position as President & CEO effective December 31 of this year. Today I want all of you – BGR’s members, supporters and citizen advocates – to hear the news from me.

For the past several years, we have worked together to implement solutions for some of the most complex issues local government must confront. Through the lens of my BGR experience, I can attest to the necessity of citizen engagement for creating and sustaining real institutional change in government. And you have delivered on that task remarkably. Thank you for trusting BGR’s work during my tenure, staying informed of our recommendations, aligning with us as we championed policy implementation and keeping watch over the progress of reform toward more accountable, transparent, effective and efficient local government.

We still have a few months together, and I am working with our Board to ensure a smooth transition. I am also working with our research team to deliver reports in progress and push forward on those that you will see early next year. I assure you that this leadership transition will not diminish BGR’s urgency in publishing reports and pursuing results.

For the immediate future, I ask that you think earnestly about qualified candidates BGR’s search committee should consider. Today’s media release provides additional insight into BGR, the national search process and the position profile for BGR’s next President & CEO.

Though I am leaving BGR, its legacy of excellence long preceded my arrival and will endure mightily for the future. With abundant gratitude, I thank you for our time together and look forward to watching BGR’s next phase of policy achievement.

With gratitude,

Amy L. Glovinsky
President & CEO
Samuel Zemurray Chair in Research Leadership