It’s tough being The People. BGR can help.

Good government requires constant vigilance on the part of the governed. That’s where BGR can help. We are an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization that is dedicated to gathering information on government and other public issues. Our research professionals analyze government policies, finance, management, and administration, and present the facts to the public. We shed light on complex issues and facilitate productive debate, thereby encouraging excellence in the various governments operating in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area. And we arm you with the information you need to make decisions about the future and well-being of our region.

Pure facts and plain talk.

BGR’s independence from political and other allegiances enables us to conduct fair and objective research—no “spin,” no political positioning, no avoiding the difficult issues. We value the point of view of the citizen in public affairs—not that of special interest groups, public officials or political parties. When we publish one of our reports, we are reporting to you. We want you to know what government does, why it does it, what it costs, and how it is paid for. With this information, voters can make our political process really work for the greater good.

If an issue merits research, BGR will find it.

BGR stays fine-tuned to current events in the New Orleans region in order to remain responsive to the information needs of the public. BGR’s research includes

  • government structure, management and operations
  • budgets and financing
  • metropolitan cooperation and regionalism
  • ethics
  • public procurement of goods and services
  • civil service
  • constitutional amendments and state legislation affecting the metro area
  • property tax assessment and exemption practices.

Recognizing excellence is part of the process.

BGR created and hosts the annual BGR Excellence in Government Awards, designed to promote good government by honoring public employees who have shown outstanding integrity, creativity, innovation, and efficiency.

BGR is open to the public.

At, you can access an archive of BGR’s reports, press releases, and information on new developments. BGR also produces Breakfast Briefings, early morning forums that present current information on hot topics in the New Orleans metropolitan area.