Nonprofit Tax Exemption

Assessing Progress on Property Assessment Reform in New Orleans

Overview Assessing the Assessor: Progress on Property Assessment Reform in New Orleans evaluates whether and to what extent New Orleans’ property assessment system has improved under the single parish assessor since he replaced the seven-assessor system in 2011. This...

Aligning Louisiana’s Nonprofit Exemption with National Norms

Overview In an open letter to the Louisiana Legislature, BGR reiterates the problems with the state’s unusual nonprofit property tax exemptions. The letter explains the deficiencies in the current provisions, demonstrates their unusual status in the context of other...

Fixing Louisiana’s Costly and Unusual Nonprofit Exemptions

Overview In It’s Time for Common Sense on Nonprofit Exemptions, BGR calls on the Louisiana Legislature to address overly broad language in the state constitution that is costly to both local governments and taxpayers.

The Nonprofit Exemption: Bad News for Taxpayers

Overview This edition of Now addresses problems associated with the nonprofit exemption, and what can be done to solve them.

Addressing the Costs of the Nonprofit Tax Exemption

Overview In The Nonprofit Margin: Addressing the Costs of the Nonprofit Exemption in New Orleans, BGR examines the impact of the nonprofit exemption on government finances and tax rates and various approaches for mitigating that impact.

Unfair Assessments, Excessive Exemptions in New Orleans

Overview In New Orleans, too many property owners pay little or no taxes on their properties; exemptions are granted regardless of need; and, as a result of inconsistent assessments, properties of similar value bear widely different tax burdens. In...

Property Tax Exemptions and Assessment Administration

Overview This report examines property tax exemptions and assessment administration in Orleans Parish. To view sources consulted, click here.

BGR Examines Property Tax Exemptions in New Orleans

Overview Property Taxes in New Orleans: Who Pays? Who Doesn’t? And Why? discusses the value and assessment of real estate exempt from property taxation in New Orleans.