Housing Subsidies

BGR Analyzes Constitutional Amendment on Housing Tax Exemptions

Overview Constitutional Amendment No. 4, which voters will consider on October 12, 2019, would allow the City of New Orleans to exempt from taxation properties with up to 15 residential units located within Orleans Parish for the purpose of...

BGR Reviews Expansion of Subsidized Rental Housing

Overview Building on prior BGR research, The House that Uncle Sam Built provides numbers on the existing and projected subsidized rental housing supply in the city. It also provides projections at the metropolitan level.

Post-Katrina Distribution of Subsidized Rental Housing

Overview Cementing Imbalance: A Post-Katrina Analysis of the Regional Distribution of Subsidized Rental Housing is the latest in a series of BGR reports on affordable housing issues. It includes parish by parish data and maps showing the distribution of subsidized...

BGR Analyzes Federal Investment in Rental Housing

Overview In Public Investment, Private Developers: How Louisiana Deployed Its GO Zone Housing Tax Credits, BGR analyzes the unit production and geographic distribution of developments awarded $1.7 billion worth of Gulf Opportunity Zone Housing Tax Credits. In addition, it...

BGR Raises Concerns About Layering of Subsidies

Overview In Seeking Subsidies on Top of Subsidies, BGR raises concerns about requests for local property tax subsidies to housing developments that have already received subsidies through state and federal programs. The report is a follow-up to Protecting New Orleans’ Tax...

BGR Reviews Louisiana’s Road Home Rental Housing Program

Overview BGR’s report on the Louisiana Recovery Authority’s Road Home rental housing program raises serious concerns about the implications of the program in New Orleans.

BGR Reports: ‘Road Home’ Takes a Wrong Turn

Overview BGR comments on misplaced priorities in Louisiana’s housing recovery program as part of its web-based reports on the rebuilding of New Orleans post-Katrina.

BGR Comments on Condominium Subsidies in Op-Ed

Overview The Times-Picayune carried an Op-Ed piece by BGR’s President Janet Howard on the issue of public subsidies for high-end condominiums.