Fees & Charges

Analyzing Past New Orleans Budgets to Guide Funding Priorities

Overview The report reviews the City’s General Fund budgets from 2010 to 2019, focusing on growth in revenues and changes in expenditures. As the City prepares its 2020 budget, the report helps policymakers and citizens gain a better understanding...

Paying for Street Maintenance in New Orleans

Overview In Paying for Streets: Options for Funding Road Maintenance in New Orleans, BGR explores ways to fund the routine maintenance necessary to safeguard the City’s $2 billion, once-in-a-lifetime capital investment in the street network.

Do Stormwater Fees Make Sense for New Orleans?

Overview In Beneath the Surface: A Primer on Stormwater Fees in New Orleans, BGR explores a funding mechanism for drainage that is expanding in usage nationwide as an alternative to ad valorem property taxes.

BGR Analyzes State and Local Ballot Propositions

Overview In On the Ballot: November 6, 2012, BGR examines three proposed constitutional amendments, two propositions pertaining to multiple parishes in the New Orleans area, a proposed change to the City of New Orleans charter and two local tax...

On the Ballot: The Crescent City Connection Toll Proposition

Overview In On the Ballot: The Crescent City Connection Toll Proposition, BGR examines tolls on the bridge in the context of the proposition on the ballot in Jefferson, Orleans and Plaquemines parishes.

Saving the Crescent City Connection’s Other Funding Source

In this release, BGR calls on the State to take the steps necessary to continue the dedication of State Highway Fund No. 2 to the Crescent City Connection.

BGR Examines Local, State Items on Fall 2011 Ballots

Overview BGR examines charter amendments, tax propositions and state constitutional amendments on the October and November 2011 ballots. The October 22 ballot includes a Jefferson Parish charter amendment to establish the Office of Inspector General and an Ethics and...

BGR analyzes S&WB sewerage and drainage fee proposal

In BGR Outlook on Orleans: The Sewerage and Water Board’s Fee Proposal, BGR examines two proposed fees – one for the sewerage system and another for the drainage system.

BGR Reviews Proposal for Property Service Charge

Overview This report reviews the City of New Orleans’ property service charge proposal on the ballot for December 5, 1998. The primary intended uses of the new revenues include pay raises for most City employees and for all Orleans Parish...