Charter (New Orleans)

BGR Evaluates School Facilities Tax Renewal and Charter Amendments

OVERVIEW These On the Ballot reports inform New Orleans voters about three propositions on the October 14, 2023 ballot: the renewal of a property tax for public school facilities and charter amendments on code enforcement and the City budget process....

BGR Webinar: Designing City Governments for Success

OVERVIEW This page provides a brief online report and the video recording of BGR’s May 24, 2023 webinar, “Designing City Governments for Success.”

BGR Examines New Orleans Charter Amendment on Nov. 8 Ballot

OVERVIEW In this report, BGR provides voters with nonpartisan analysis of a proposal to require New Orleans City Council confirmation of the mayor’s appointments of department heads and authorize the council to confirm certain other administrators.

BGR Reviews Charter Amendment on S&WB Governance

OVERVIEW This On the Ballot report informs voters on a proposed City of New Orleans charter amendment to change the composition of the Sewerage & Water Board’s board of directors. On December 8, 2018, New Orleans voters will consider...

BGR Examines New Orleans’ Savings Fund Charter Amendment

Overview BGR’s On the Ballot report examines the proposed amendment on the November 18, 2017, ballot to establish the Savings Fund of the City of New Orleans in the City’s home rule charter.

On New Orleans’ Ballot: Proposed Police Monitor Amendment

Overview BGR analyzes a November 8, 2016 proposition that would amend New Orleans’ charter to allow for the permanent separation of the Independent Police Monitor from the Office of Inspector General.

It’s the Law: Land Use Decision Making and the Master Plan

Overview In It’s the Law: Land Use Decision Making and the Master Plan, BGR provides clarity to recent public planning dialogue in New Orleans over the extent to which the Master Plan has the force of law.

Contracting Reform, Sheriff’s Tax, Other Propositions

Overview BGR examines two proposed amendments to the Home Rule Charter of the City of New Orleans, one Orleans Parish property tax proposition and two constitutional amendments on the ballot for November 4, 2014. One City charter amendment would...

BGR Reviews S&WB Reform, Jefferson Tax Renewals

Overview In On the Ballot: October 19, 2013, BGR explains, analyzes and takes positions on three tax propositions on the ballot in Jefferson Parish and two proposed charter amendments in New Orleans, one of which would reform the Sewerage...

BGR Analyzes State and Local Ballot Propositions

Overview In On the Ballot: November 6, 2012, BGR examines three proposed constitutional amendments, two propositions pertaining to multiple parishes in the New Orleans area, a proposed change to the City of New Orleans charter and two local tax...