Charter (Jefferson)

Orleans Schools Tax and Jefferson Charter Changes

Overview BGR reviews a proposed tax for the upkeep of public schools in New Orleans and 11 propositions to amend the Jefferson Parish charter that voters will decide on December 6, 2014.

BGR Letter Calls for Jefferson Contracting Changes

Overview In this letter to the Jefferson Parish Charter Advisory Board, BGR recommends changes to the parish charter in the area of contracting.

BGR Examines Local, State Items on Fall 2011 Ballots

Overview BGR examines charter amendments, tax propositions and state constitutional amendments on the October and November 2011 ballots. The October 22 ballot includes a Jefferson Parish charter amendment to establish the Office of Inspector General and an Ethics and...

BGR Views Jefferson Parish Charter Amendments

Overview On November 5, 2002, Jefferson Parish voters will be asked to approve four propositions that together offer eight amendments to the existing parish home rule charter. The propositions bear directly on term limits and council structure, among other...