Budget & Finance

BGR Examines New Orleans’ Savings Fund Charter Amendment

Overview BGR examines the proposed amendment on the November 18, 2017, ballot to establish the Savings Fund of the City of New Orleans in the City’s home rule charter.

School Board Improving Financial Stewardship

Overview In School Board Takes a Key Step Toward Better Stewardship, BGR commends the Orleans Parish School Board for taking steps to preserve the bulk of its $45 million operating reserve for the benefit of the system as a...

Report Looks at School Board’s Performance as Financial Steward

Overview In The Accidental Steward: The Orleans Parish School Board as a Resource Manager in the Reform Era, BGR examines the School Board’s performance as the financial steward for all public schools in Orleans.

BGR Analyzes Proposed S&WB Rate Increases

Overview BGR reviews a proposal by the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans (S&WB) to raise water and sewer rates 10% a year for the next eight years. It examines the proposed water and sewer rate increases and...

BGR Reviews City of New Orleans Budget for 2011

Overview On November 24, BGR sent a letter to the Mayor and City Council on the proposed 2011 budget for the City of New Orleans. The letter contains suggestions that would free up millions of dollars. Read the letter.

Addressing Core Infrastructure Needs in New Orleans

Overview In The Price of Civilization: Addressing Infrastructure Needs in New Orleans, BGR provides information on New Orleans’ core infrastructure needs and assesses the community’s capacity to fund those needs.

Questions for a New Mayor: New Orleans 2010 Election

Overview With the primary on the way, BGR submitted questions to all mayoral candidates on topics in four areas: the city’s budget, city services, infrastructure and blight. Four candidates – Rob Couhig, John Georges, Mitch Landrieu and James Perry...

The Clarity Deficit on the City’s Capital Budget

Overview This release calls on the City of New Orleans to conform to charter requirements in producing its capital budget.

BGR Release: Jumping the Gun on Recovery Plans

Overview This release raises concerns about proposed budget approvals for the Office of Recovery Management’s plans in advance of a public vetting of those plans.

BGR Studies City Budget in Post-Katrina Era

Overview In Budgeting in a Time of Crisis: A Review of the City of New Orleans’ 2007 Budgets, BGR examines the City’s operating and capital budgets for 2007, the second post-Katrina fiscal year.