BGR Reviews 10 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

BGR analyzes 10 State constitutional amendments on the ballot for November 2, 2010. The amendments concern a wide variety of issues, including salary increases for elected officials, the homestead exemption, a cap on millage increases by non-elected taxing authorities,...

Building a Model Assessment System in New Orleans


Overview As the campaign for the city’s soon-to-be consolidated assessor’s office begins, BGR releases In All Fairness: Building a Model Assessment System in New Orleans. The report explains what the new citywide assessor must do to create a fair,...

BGR Analyzes Local Propositions, Constitutional Amendments

Overview BGR provides analysis of local propositions as well as amendments to the state constitution appearing on the ballot for November 4, 2008. A proposition in New Orleans would amend the city charter to make comprehensive changes to planning and land...

Of Equitable Assessments and Lower Tax Rates


Overview BGR provided this piece for publication in Gambit Weekly, explaining the ways in which significantly increased assessments can be about fairness and the common good.

BGR Reviews Assessor Consolidation, Other Amendments

Overview This On the Ballot is an analysis of proposed constitutional amendments of particular significance to the New Orleans region. This issue covers amendments before voters on November 7, 2006. This report focuses on five amendments that address issues...

BGR Answers the Question: Why Consolidate Assessors?


Overview BGR sets forth reasons for pursing the consolidation of New Orleans’ seven-assessor system post-Katrina. This report is part of a series of web-based reports BGR began publishing following the 2005 disaster.

BGR: Unfair Assessments Become More Unfair and Arbitrary


Overview BGR finds inequities in disaster-related adjustments to property assessments post-Katrina. This is part of a web-based series of reports on the rebuilding of New Orleans following the 2005 disaster.

Unfair Assessments, Excessive Exemptions in New Orleans

Overview In New Orleans, too many property owners pay little or no taxes on their properties; exemptions are granted regardless of need; and, as a result of inconsistent assessments, properties of similar value bear widely different tax burdens. In...

Property Tax Exemptions and Assessment Administration

Overview This report examines property tax exemptions and assessment administration in Orleans Parish. To view sources consulted, click here.

BGR Tackles 18 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Overview This report provides a synopsis and short analysis of all 18 proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution on the October 3, 1998, election ballot. The topics include assessment freezes for senior citizens and properties undergoing restoration, as well...