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BGR Reviews Jefferson Parish Water and Sewer Tax Proposals


On the Ballot: Jefferson Parish Water and Sewer Taxes, March 20, 2021 provides voters in Jefferson Parish with analysis of two property tax propositions to replace existing water and sewer system taxes.

Although the propositions will appear as separate…

BGR NOW: Revitalizing New Orleans’ Office of Inspector General


As a nationwide search begins for New Orleans’ next inspector general, this report analyzes key components of the selection process and future oversight of the inspector general. It examines recent measures taken or proposed to improve each area…

Proposed Policy Changes Would Improve NOLA Public Schools’ Finances



This week, the Orleans Parish School Board will consider three policy changes that would strengthen NOLA Public Schools’ financial accountability measures and support the district’s financial sustainability. The changes address financial oversight of closing charter schools, public funding returned…

BGR Studies French Quarter Sales Tax Renewal on December 5 Ballot


On the Ballot: French Quarter Sales Tax Renewal, December 5, 2020 is intended to help French Quarter voters make an informed decision on a proposition to renew a 0.2495% sales tax to pay for supplemental public safety services. The…

BGR Examines December 5 New Orleans Property Tax Propositions


On the Ballot: New Orleans Property Tax Propositions, December 5, 2020 analyzes three propositions to replace several City of New Orleans property taxes that expire at the end of 2021. The replacement taxes would have the same combined…

BGR Analyzes Jefferson Inspector General Tax Renewal Proposition


On the Ballot: Jefferson Parish Inspector General Tax Renewal, November 3, 2020 is intended to help voters in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson Parish make an informed decision on whether to renew a 10-year, 0.5-mill property tax dedicated…