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BGR’s library of reports covers 1996 to the present. Use the search bar to find a specific report, select a topic from the menu, or show all reports by title or date. You can also click here for a full index.

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BGR Studies Jefferson Parish Government Finances


This edition of Outlook provides an overview of Jefferson Parish Government and the Parish’s fiscal outlook, including final general government revenues and expenditures between 1988 and 1997, and an examination of the 1999 Jefferson Parish adopted budget.

BGR analyzes S&WB sewerage and drainage fee proposal

In BGR Outlook on Orleans: The Sewerage and Water Board’s Fee Proposal, BGR examines two proposed fees in New Orleans – one for the sewerage system and another for the drainage system.

BGR Outlook on the Orleans Parish School Board


This is the first report in BGR’s Outlook series on the Orleans Parish School Board. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the Board’s fiscal outlook with a focus on the FY 1999 (July…

BGR Outlook on Jefferson’s Public Works Department


In this issue of Outlook, BGR focuses on one specific area of Jefferson Parish Government—the public works function, which manages streets, water, sewer, drainage and other infrastructure. The purpose of this report is to provide a brief overview…

BGR Reviews Proposal for Property Service Charge


This report reviews the City of New Orleans’ property service charge proposal on the ballot for December 5, 1998. The primary intended uses of the new revenues include pay raises for most City employees and for all Orleans Parish…

BGR Analyzes State and Local Ballot Items


This report provides a short analysis of the potential creation of three separate neighborhood-based special tax districts in New Orleans and a recommendation on two proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution relative to the governance of higher education….