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Fourth Time’s the Charm?

Aug 26, 2014

World Trade Center

Following the city’s announcement that it will begin a fourth Request for Proposals process to redevelop the former World Trade Center building, BGR calls for a new approach: selling the building to the highest bidder.

BGR Explores Proposals to Redevelop Former World Trade Center Site

Jul 1, 2013


In 3 Visions for 2 Canal Street: The Proposals to Redevelop the Former World Trade Center Site, BGR summarizes and compares the three responses to the city’s request for proposals to redevelop this important public property.

Letter Seeks Improvements to World Trade Center RFP

Mar 20, 2013

World Trade Center

In this comment letter sent to the mayor and the New Orleans Building Corp. on Feb. 19, 2013, BGR called for improvements to NOBC’s request for proposals to redevelop the World Trade Center site.

Rethinking the World Trade Center Building Transaction

Jan 15, 2009

Today the Bureau of Governmental Research releases Rethinking the World Trade Center Building Transaction. The report reviews the New Orleans Building Corporation’s approach to redeveloping the World Trade Center tower and parking garage in downtown New Orleans. For more than 10 years, the city has unsuccessfully pursued redevelopment in partnership with the master tenant of the buildings. BGR recommends that the city abandon that approach, and instead seek to buy out the master tenant and sell the buildings.

World Trade Center Letter

Jun 19, 2008

BGR has sent a letter to members of the New Orleans City Council expressing concerns about certain aspects of the proposed redevelopment of the World Trade Center property downtown (6/19/08).

Uneconomic Development: An Analysis of the World Trade Center Lease

Mar 25, 2004

In a ground-breaking report, BGR tests the City’s claims of economic benefits in the World Trade Center hotel conversion. The report digs deep beneath the surface to unearth the fiscal imprudence of the lease deal for the City.

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