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Aligning Louisiana’s Nonprofit Property Tax Exemption with National Norms

Mar 7, 2017

March 2017 nonprofit letter

In an open letter to the Louisiana Legislature, BGR reiterates the problems with the state’s unusual nonprofit property tax exemptions. The letter explains the deficiencies in the current provisions, demonstrates their unusual status in the context of other states’ requirements and presents a template for a constitutional amendment.

BGR to Legislature: Protect Coastal Funding

Apr 14, 2016

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In Safeguard Coastal Funds, Safeguard Louisiana’s Future, BGR comments on bills filed in the 2016 legislative session that could reduce or loosen constitutional protections on coastal restoration funding.

Fixing Louisiana’s Costly and Unusual Nonprofit Exemptions

Mar 2, 2016

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In It’s Time for Common Sense on Nonprofit Exemptions, BGR calls on the Louisiana Legislature to address overly broad language in the state constitution that is costly to both local governments and taxpayers.

Keep Coastal Money Focused on the Coast

Oct 20, 2015

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In Keep Coastal Money Focused on the Coast: Our Future Depends on It, BGR opposes a proposal to divert coastal restoration funding to the Louisiana Highway 1 Bridge project.

On the October Ballot: French Quarter Tax Proposition, State Infrastructure Bank

Oct 6, 2015

On the Ballot: November 4, 2014

In On the Ballot: October 24, 2015, BGR explains, analyzes and takes positions on a proposed quarter-cent sales tax for public safety in New Orleans’ French Quarter and a constitutional amendment allowing the state to invest in an infrastructure bank.

Right-Sizing the Courts: A Defeat for Transparency

Mar 26, 2015

This release discusses the Louisiana Supreme Court’s refusal to hear BGR’s lawsuit seeking public access to the records and meetings of a committee charged with re-assessing the number of judges needed at each of the state’s courts.

Open, Fact-Based Process Needed to Address Judgeships

Dec 5, 2013

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In this release, BGR calls on the Supreme Court committee that is reviewing court efficiency to conduct its work in an open and transparent manner. It also urges the committee to act in a timely fashion.

Are Public Dollars Being Wasted on Excess Judgeships in Orleans Parish?

Sep 3, 2013


In Benchmarking the Bench: Are Public Dollars Being Wasted on Excess Judgeships in Orleans Parish? BGR presents data on the estimated need for judgeships in Orleans Parish. It also recommends steps for right-sizing the courts./files/reports/BGR_Judgeships-2013.pdf

Metro Area Pension Costs and the Factors that Drive Them

Nov 9, 2012

In The Rising Cost of Yesterday: Metro Area Pension Costs and the Factors that Drive Them, BGR examines 18 defined benefit pension plans available to local government workers in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes (the Plans). The report tallies the costs the Plans impose on local government entities in the three parishes, and compares the pension benefits they offer to those available to private sector workers and other state and local government workers across the U.S.

BGR Launches Exploration of Public Pensions

Apr 19, 2012

Pensions Cover 2

Understanding Pensions: A Primer on Public Employee Pension Plans is the first in a series of reports on the public pension plans in which local governments in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes participate.

Your Tax Dollars at Work - and in Retirement

Mar 28, 2012

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This edition of Now looks at the issue of public pension costs.

Making Choice Right: Can Private School Vouchers Live Up to Their Promises?

Mar 13, 2012

Voucher Report Cover

In Making Choice Right: Can Private School Vouchers Live Up to Their Promises? BGR examines the statewide school voucher program that the Governor is proposing, as well as the pilot program that has been in effect in Orleans Parish since 2008.

BGR Examines Local, State Items on Fall Ballots

Oct 6, 2011

Ballot Issues

In On the Ballot: Local and State Propositions, October and November 2011, BGR examines charter amendments in Jefferson and Orleans parishes, tax propositions in Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard and St. Tammany parishes, and six amendments to the state constitution.

Addressing the High Cost of Nonprofit Exemptions

Mar 15, 2011

Nonprofit Exemption

In The Nonprofit Margin: Addressing the Costs of the Nonprofit Exemption in New Orleans (March 2011), BGR examines the impact of the nonprofit exemption on government finances and tax rates and various approaches for mitigating that impact.

Shifting the Costs of the Homestead Exemption

Jun 8, 2010

Forgotten Promises

In Forgotten Promises: The Lost Connection Between the Homestead Exemption and the Revenue Sharing Fund (June 2010), BGR examines the decline of a state mechanism to cover the costs of the exemption.

BGR Opposes Dilution of Open Meetings Laws

May 20, 2010

In this letter to the members of the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee of the State Legislature, BGR opposes any dilution of the state’s open meetings laws. The letter comes in response to a push to close certain meetings of public bodies.

Who’s Behind the Tree?  The Homestead Exemption and Taxpayers in the New Orleans Area

Mar 23, 2009

Who's Behind the Tree? The Homestead Exemption and Taxpayers in the New Orleans Area

In Who’s Behind the Tree? The Homestead Exemption and Taxpayers in the New Orleans Area, BGR examines the impacts of a proposed increase in Louisiana’s homestead exemption on taxpayers in Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard and St. Tammany parishes.

On the Ballot: November 2008

Oct 14, 2008

On the Ballot: Jefferson, Orleans and State Propositions, November 2008 (10/14/08) provides analysis of local propositions as well as amendments to the state constitution appearing on the Nov. 4 ballot.

On the Ballot: October 2007

Oct 8, 2007

The Bureau of Governmental Research today releases On the Ballot, an analysis of four proposed amendments to the State constitution and one proposed amendment to the St. Tammany Parish home rule charter. The report covers amendments that will go before voters on October 20, 2007.

Public Investment, Private Developers

May 15, 2007

In Public Investment, Private Developers: How Louisiana Deployed Its GO Zone Housing Tax Credits, BGR analyzes the unit production and geographic distribution of developments awarded $1.7 billion worth of Gulf Opportunity Zone Housing Tax Credits. In addition, it analyzes the financing and costs of projects that received tax credit awards in December 2006. Developments in that group were eligible to “piggy-back” the tax credits with loans of federal Community Development Block Grant funds made available through a Louisiana Recovery Authority program.

Issues on the November 7 Ballot

Oct 10, 2006

On the Ballot is an analysis of proposed constitutional amendments of particular significance to the New Orleans region. This issue covers amendments that went before voters on November 7, 2006 — including consolidation of assessors.

Issues on the September 30 Ballot

Sep 18, 2006

On September 30, Louisiana voters were asked to approve 13 constitutional amendments. This report focuses on those that are amendments relevant to Greater New Orleans in four arenas: coastal restoration and flood/hurricane protection, expropriation, the homestead exemption, and unfunded state mandates.

The Road Home Rental Housing Program: Consequences for New Orleans

Sep 18, 2006

BGR’s report on the Louisiana Recovery Authority’s Road Home rental housing program raises serious concerns about the implications of the program in New Orleans.

The ‘Road Home’ Takes a Wrong Turn

Apr 13, 2006

Following the 2005 disaster, BGR began publishing web-based reports on the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Building a Trust Takes Time

Feb 16, 2006

Part of a series of web-based reports BGR began publishing following the 2005 disaster.

One Need, One Levee Board

Feb 8, 2006

Part of a series of web-based reports BGR began publishing following the 2005 disaster.

Funds and Games: Paying for the Saints

Jan 26, 2005

The New Orleans Saints and the State of Louisiana are in the midst of negotiations that will determine whether the Saints remain in New Orleans. Sports subsidies present communities with difficult political and financial decisions. In this report, BGR seeks to provide policymakers and the public with background information relevant to current negotiations with the Saints.

Issues on the November 2, 2004 Ballot

Oct 20, 2004

In this report, BGR analyzes two of four state constitutional amendments that will appear on the November 2 ballot. The two amendments would modify the homestead exemption and the veterans’ preference. In addition, BGR provides voters in New Orleans with information on a proposed $260 million bond issue and Jefferson Parish voters with information on two ballot propositions that would exchange one set of property tax dedications for a different set of dedications.

Issues on the October 4, 2003 Ballot

Oct 4, 2003

This report describes the propositions on the October 2003 ballot, provides background information, and analyzes the propositions, presenting the arguments for and against them. The report also includes BGR’s positions on the issues.

Public Contracting for Legal Services

Nov 21, 2001

A collaborative effort by Bureau of Governmental Research, Public Affairs Research Council, and The Public Law Center. For additional information on state legal services, please see the PAR website.

Constitutional Amendments on the November 7, 2000 Ballot

Oct 20, 2000

In this report, BGR reviews the four proposed changes in the state constitution and takes a position opposing the fourth.

BGR Report on the November 3, 1998 General Election

Oct 23, 1998

This report provides a short analysis of the potential creation of three separate neighborhood-based special tax districts and a recommendation on two proposed amendments to the State Constitution.

BGR Report on Constitutional Amendments on the October 3, 1998 Ballot

Sep 18, 1998

This report provides a synopsis and short analysis of all 18 proposed amendments to the Louisiana Constitution on the October 3rd election ballot.

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