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BGR Cuts Paths for Pension Reform in the Metro Area

Oct 20, 2016

Pensions IV

In Reducing the Cost of Tomorrow: A Practical Guide to Pension Reform in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany Parishes, BGR explores the changes to public pension benefits policymakers can make to reduce the costs and risks associated with the pension plans. The report is the fourth installment in a series of BGR pension reports.

BGR to Legislature: Protect Coastal Funding

Apr 14, 2016

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In Safeguard Coastal Funds, Safeguard Louisiana’s Future, BGR comments on bills filed in the 2016 legislative session that could reduce or loosen constitutional protections on coastal restoration funding.

School Board Improving Financial Stewardship

Nov 18, 2015

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In School Board Takes a Key Step Toward Better Stewardship, BGR commends the Orleans Parish School Board for taking steps to preserve the bulk of its $45 million operating reserve for the benefit of the system as a whole. It also calls on the School Board to take additional steps to improve its financial stewardship over New Orleans’ unique public education system.

Rethinking Tax Dedications in New Orleans

Nov 10, 2015

The $1 Billion Question

In The $1 Billion Question: Do the Tax Dedications in New Orleans Make Sense? BGR presents a comprehensive picture of where local tax dollars are going in Orleans Parish. The report provides breakdowns of tax dedications by entity and by purpose, and gives examples of problems that can arise when tax dedications are established with little planning and accountability. It also makes recommendations to help ensure existing tax revenues are deployed optimally.

On the October Ballot: French Quarter Tax Proposition, State Infrastructure Bank

Oct 6, 2015

On the Ballot: November 4, 2014

In On the Ballot: October 24, 2015, BGR explains, analyzes and takes positions on a proposed quarter-cent sales tax for public safety in New Orleans’ French Quarter and a constitutional amendment allowing the state to invest in an infrastructure bank.

New Orleans Firefighter Pension Woes and the Legislative Session

Apr 30, 2013


In Sound the Alarm: New Orleans Firefighter Pension Woes and the Legislative Session, BGR examines the New Orleans Firefighter Pension and Relief Fund – which has become a major burden for the public – and relevant bills under consideration by the Legislature.

Metro Area Pension Costs and the Factors that Drive Them

Nov 9, 2012

In The Rising Cost of Yesterday: Metro Area Pension Costs and the Factors that Drive Them, BGR examines 18 defined benefit pension plans available to local government workers in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes (the Plans). The report tallies the costs the Plans impose on local government entities in the three parishes, and compares the pension benefits they offer to those available to private sector workers and other state and local government workers across the U.S.

BGR Launches Exploration of Public Pensions

Apr 19, 2012

Pensions Cover 2

Understanding Pensions: A Primer on Public Employee Pension Plans is the first in a series of reports on the public pension plans in which local governments in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes participate.

BGR Reviews 2011 Budget

Nov 24, 2010

2011 Budget Letter

On November 24, BGR sent a letter to the Mayor and City Council on the proposed 2011 budget for the City of New Orleans. The letter contains suggestions that would free up millions of dollars.

Read the letter.

The Clarity Deficit

Nov 28, 2007

This release calls on the City of New Orleans to conform to charter requirements in producing its capital budget.

Budgeting in a Time of Crisis

May 17, 2007

In Budgeting in a Time of Crisis: A Review of the City of New Orleans’ 2007 Budgets, BGR examines the City’s operating and capital budgets for 2007, the second post-Katrina fiscal year.

Municipal Bankruptcy in Perspective

Apr 5, 2006

BGR and PAR have issued a joint report calling for a full appraisal of financial options for local governments in fiscal crisis.

Jefferson Parish Fiscal Outlook

Mar 25, 2004

BGR predicts tight financial times ahead for Jefferson. What can the Parish do about it? This report offers an array of options for keeping the parish coffers filled.

City of Harahan Demographics, Finances, and Employee Salaries

Sep 24, 2001

This report examines the history and current state of the operating budget and compares revenues and expenditures, including salaries, with those of comparable Louisiana cities.

BGR Outlook on Orleans: Overview and Status Report on the New Orleans Capital Program

Oct 16, 2000

This issue of the Oulook series examines the capital budget process of the City of New Orleans and critiques the implementation of the 1995-approved building program.

BGR Outlook on Jefferson: Jefferson Parish Government Finances

Feb 25, 1999

An overview of Jefferson Parish government and the parish’s fiscal outlook, including final general government revenues and expenditures between 1988 and 1997, and an examination of the 1999 Jefferson Parish adopted budget.

BGR Outlook on Jefferson: The Jefferson Parish School Board

Jul 13, 1998

This issue of the BGR Outlook on Jefferson examines the Jefferson Parish School Board’s finances. The 16-page report analyzes the factors leading to recent operating budget deficits and discusses potential solutions.

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