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From Answers to Action: Post-Election Policy Making

Jun 21, 2018

From Answers to Action

From Answers to Action: Post-Election Policy Making is the latest installment in BGR’s Candidate Q&A Election Series, which surveyed the mayoral and City Council candidates last fall about their positions on important issues facing City government. The new report consolidates and reissues the responses of the newly elected officials who responded to the surveys, which covered topics that persist as critically important. Examples include NOPD funding, street maintenance and land use planning.

We encourage citizens to revisit the issues by reviewing the BGR research and the elected officials’ responses presented in this report. Where the officials express positions that clearly affirm or align with BGR’s recommendations, we strongly urge them to identify – and take action on – the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

Read the full report.

Read report excerpts on these issues:

Public Safety

Effective Government

Employee Compensation and Pensions

Civil Service

Professional Services Contracting

Street Maintenance

Drainage System

Local Tax Dedications

Tax Exemptions and the Tax Base

Economic Development Tax Subsidies

Land Use Planning

Mending the Urban Fabric: Part 2

Apr 14, 2008

Mending the Urban Fabric - Part 2

Mending the Urban Fabric: Blight in New Orleans is a two-part series analyzing blighted property programs and recommending reforms. In Part I, BGR addressed the structure, goals and strategy of New Orleans’ blight programs. In Part II, BGR focuses on code enforcement and procedures for successful redevelopment.

Mending the Urban Fabric: Part 1

Feb 12, 2008

Mending the Urban Fabric - Part 1

This is the first in a two-part series analyzing New Orleans’ blighted property programs and recommending reforms.

Open Letters: The Future of N.O.‘s Blight Programs

Dec 10, 2007

BGR has been conducting extensive research on blighted property issues in New Orleans and is preparing a study for future publication. Drawing on that research, it is also responding to current developments. On December 11, BGR sent a letter to the City’s Office of Recovery Management recommending changes to local blighted property programs. The week before, it sent a letter to the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority regarding its proposal to the Louisiana Recovery Authority for the properties the State is acquiring through the Road Home program.

Building a Trust Takes Time

Feb 16, 2006

Part of a series of web-based reports BGR began publishing following the 2005 disaster.

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