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School Board Improving Financial Stewardship

Nov 18, 2015

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In School Board Takes a Key Step Toward Better Stewardship, BGR commends the Orleans Parish School Board for taking steps to preserve the bulk of its $45 million operating reserve for the benefit of the system as a whole. It also calls on the School Board to take additional steps to improve its financial stewardship over New Orleans’ unique public education system.

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Rethinking Tax Dedications in New Orleans

Nov 10, 2015

The $1 Billion Question

In The $1 Billion Question: Do the Tax Dedications in New Orleans Make Sense? BGR presents a comprehensive picture of where local tax dollars are going in Orleans Parish. The report provides breakdowns of tax dedications by entity and by purpose, and gives examples of problems that can arise when tax dedications are established with little planning and accountability. It also makes recommendations to help ensure existing tax revenues are deployed optimally.

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On the Ballot: West Bank Flood Protection, St. Tammany Charter Changes

Nov 3, 2015

On the Ballot: November 4, 2014

In On the Ballot: Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany Parishes, November 21, 2015, BGR explains, analyzes and takes positions on two tax propositions meant to sustain west bank flood protection systems and three proposed St. Tammany charter amendments.

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It’s the Law: Land Use Decision Making and the Master Plan

Oct 28, 2015

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In It’s the Law: Land Use Decision Making and the Master Plan, BGR provides clarity to recent public dialogue over the extent to which the Master Plan has the force of law.

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