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Should non-profits start paying taxes on their property?

Mar 9, 2017

60% of Louisiana property taxes were not taxed! This hours guest: Amy Glovinsky – President/CEO BGR (Bureau of Governmental Research)

Source: WWL Radio

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Councilwoman Stacy Head proposes money-saving changes to city retirement system

Mar 7, 2017

Head’s proposal, which draws from some of the recommendations in a report by the nonpartisan Bureau of Governmental Research last year, has the support of the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region.

Source: The Advocate

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Peter Reichard shares the Bureau of Governmental Research’s new study calling for a drainage fee

Mar 6, 2017

Federal money will pay to further improve canals and pumping stations. But the city has to contribute a percentage, and it has to pay for upkeep. The nonprofit Bureau of Governmental Research has released a new study calling for a fee on stormwater drainage to fill that gap.

Source: WWNO

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BGR report proposes using fees, not taxes, to fund New Orleans’ drainage system

Feb 14, 2017

The New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board should consider levying usage fees to pay for the upkeep of its drainage system rather than relying on the property taxes that now fund the system, according to a new report from the Bureau of Governmental Research.

Source: The Advocate

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Here’s how Convention Center can help fund New Orleans public safety plan

Feb 11, 2017

But that raises questions about whether the city should be able to determine its own priorities, or whether it should rely on the largess of another entity. “It does strike one as an unusual power dynamic that speaks to the need to revisit that structure,” Amy Glovinsky, president and CEO of BGR, a nonpartisan research group, said last week.

Source: The Advocate

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