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Preservation pit bull Bill Borah says new zoning code should trigger Master Plan update

Jun 24, 2015

Fortunately for New Orleans and the City Planning Commission there is a document that outlines the defects of the current Master Plan and proposes a strategy for remedying its deficiencies. The 2009 Bureau of Governmental Research (BGR) report, “In Search of the Master Plan,” is that document, and it as valid today as the day it was written.

Source: The Lens

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New Orleans hotel tax revenue soars, raising collection questions

Jun 15, 2015

In a May 2013 report, the Bureau of Governmental Research was critical of the assessment, arguing such special taxes cut into the city’s tax capacity without considering pressing needs such as sewer and water system upgrades.

Source: | The Times-Picayune

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Our Views: $60,000 for Sewerage and Water Board director Cedric Grant’s office ‘a tone-deaf expense’

Jun 12, 2015

“The Sewerage & Water Board’s recently approved rate increases will cover only a fraction of the estimated $3.2 billion cost of overhauling the leaky water distribution network,” the Bureau of Governmental Research reported late last year.

Source: The Advocate

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Owe late fees or fines to New Orleans? You’re in luck

Jun 11, 2015

The original bill would have allowed the mayor to erase principle debt on fines and fees, too. The government watchdog, Bureau of Governmental Research, had advised the administration that this could encourage those who owed money to simply stall on paying until the mayor called for an amnesty period.

Source: | The Times-Picayune

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Government watchdog group hires firm to find next leader

Jun 9, 2015

The Bureau of Governmental Research said Monday that it has hired the firm “LeadChange” to help it find a successor to Janet Howard. Howard announced in April that she planned to step down as leader of the organization, although she agreed to stay until her replacement is named.

Source: The Associated Press

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