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BGR introduces a new membership structure to better recognize our supporters and their essential contribution. Below you will find information on new membership levels and coordinating benefits. In acknowledgment of the essential nature of member support, our new benefits include public recognition and innovative opportunities for members to engage with us and our public policy work. As a privately funded organization, BGR relies upon, and is abundantly thankful for, our membership for sustaining our work.

President’s Gathering of Community Leaders (by invitation)
Membership by invitation to participate in a biannual gathering with BGR’s President and civic and community leaders representing key non-profit, charitable, educational and community organizations throughout the greater New Orleans area. The gathering will serve to inform BGR’s President about key policy issues of concern to the community. It will also serve as a channel for the President to inform community leaders about BGR initiatives and priorities and to obtain their feedback and perspective.

Sustainers’ Circle ($25,000+)
All benefits of President’s Roundtable, plus:

  • One Annual Luncheon table and exclusive participation in any small group gatherings with the Annual Luncheon speaker.
  • Exclusive invitation to the Annual President’s Lunch, a small group policy discussion with BGR President and senior research staff.
    The 2017 inaugural class of Sustainers’ Circle members shall be publicly recognized as Charter Members.

President’s Roundtable ($10,000+)
All benefits of Editor’s Frontline, plus:

  • Exclusive invitation to annual reveal of President’s Paper, a new report series addressing one-by-one the fundamental tenets of good government (such as fiduciary duty, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability).

Editor’s Frontline ($5,000+)
All benefits of Municipal Monitor, plus:

  • Receive quarterly PolicyWatch, BGR’s commentary on current policy events pertaining to existing BGR work product.
  • Inclusion of corporate logo in donor listing on the BGR website and annual report.

Municipal Monitor ($2,500+)
All the benefits of Policy Enthusiast, plus:

  • Invitation to annual In Gratitude event, a celebration of BGR’s funders and a first look at the new work plan.

Policy Enthusiast ($1,250+)
All the benefits of Research Corps, plus:

  • Receive The Daily Dispatch, BGR’s roundup of news articles on key public policy issues.

Research Corps ($600+)
All the benefits of BGR Supporter, plus:

  • Invitation to PubPolicy events, where BGR discusses the issues of the day in a casual setting.

BGR Supporter ($250+)
Advance notice of BGR Breakfast Briefings, plus:

  • Public recognition of support on the BGR website and annual report.
  • Digital copies of all BGR reports and releases.
  • Membership in a nationally-recognized governmental research organization, with a proven track record of improving government.
  • 2017 Welcome Rate ($100) A BGR Supporter introductory rate for new BGR members.

BGR Under 30 ($30)
An introductory rate for members under 30. Member benefits shall be the same as BGR Supporter, plus:

  • Invitation to BGR Social, a Board and Membership networking event.

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