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Video: Breakfast Briefing with Mayor Landrieu

Jan 27, 2016

On Wednesday, January 27, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu addressed the crowd at a BGR Breakfast Briefing sponsored by IBERIABANK. Mayor Landrieu addressed looming financial challenges and local tax revenues.

In a recent report, The $1 Billion Question: Do the Tax Dedications in New Orleans Make Sense?, BGR published a comprehensive breakdown of tax dedications in New Orleans by entity and purpose, as well as recommendations to help deploy existing tax revenues optimally. In the clip and full video below, Mayor Landrieu discusses that report, as well as his recent proposal to increase funding for law enforcement.

Landrieu said the use of local tax revenue does not always align with the current priorities of New Orleans. The $1 Billion Question found that three-fourths of local tax revenue goes straight to specific purposes or other entities through dedications.

“We need a massive review of all those to redirect the resources that we already have to things that might be the priority of the citizens today,” said Mayor Landrieu. The mayor said that most action must come from the legislature, adding that the legislature must solve the state’s budget gap before addressing long-term restructuring for municipalities.

“When that happens I think we have to be at the table, fighting really really hard, having all the facts about what needs to be changed,” said Mayor Landrieu.

BGR recommended in The $1 Billion Question that all taxes, except those for the most basic infrastructure and services, be placed on the table for possible rededication.

Watch full video of Mayor Landrieu’s remarks here.

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